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Establishing lasting peace is the work of education.

-Maria Montessori


Riverwood Montessori has been providing a high-quality educational environment for children ages 4 to 14 since the fall of 2011. Through personalized academic lessons, rich cultural experiences, and plenty of outdoor activities, the program allows students to thrive emotionally and socially while meeting their individual intellectual needs. Located in the Buford/Dacula (Hog Mountain) area, Riverwood Montessori has full and part-time enrollment options, serves the homeschool community, and offers individual tutoring (in person or digitally) outside of regular school hours. Hours of operation: 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday. We generally follow the Gwinnett County School calendar and offer a fun and enriching summer camp. We welcome the opportunity to meet your child's educational needs.


Riverwood Montessori is a child-centered program that combines the comfort of homeschooling with the science-based Montessori method guided by a highly trained and qualified teacher. The classroom is full of hands-on materials to fully engage the child and meet all learning styles. It is designed to allow the children to develop into a community of peaceful individuals gaining social, emotional, and academic skills. Each child will collaborate with the teacher regularly and continually develop a personal learning plan that offers them success while also challenging them. In addition to academic learning the Montessori philosophy strives to instill a love of learning and inspire the child to be a lifelong learner. This holistic learning approach also includes practical skills that prepare the child for life, and many cultural studies such as art, music, cuisine, dance, and poetry. All of these skills are integrated within the curriculum offering an individual and fully balanced education for each child.


Riverwood Montessori is an educational environment that also offers all the comforts of home. The in-home classroom is an engaging learning space where children are free to move about throughout the day and work with the teacher, independently, in small groups, and receive whole group lessons. The facility also has a full kitchen for food prep and cooking activities, a small library, craft and sewing room, as well as an area for whole group lessons and quiet reading. The outdoor environment has a playground, hen house and an herb and vegetables garden. The Montessori curriculum is holistic and covers all academic areas as well as teaching life skills such as cooking, gardening, care of self, communication skills, care for the environment, sewing, care of animals, practical life activities, and more.

Ms. Stephanie

Ms. Stephanie is a married mother with three adult daughters. She began her Montessori career in 1999. In 2001 she received her AMS (American Montessori Society) teaching certificate. Teaching is a true passion and she has enjoyed over 23 years of working in the classroom. Her early experience was in private Montessori schools and she now offers this unique educational experience in her home. Established in 2011 she now has an in-home educational facility that offers all of the academic and social opportunities as an authentic Montessori classroom along with the family feel of a homeschool community. Ms. Stephanie truly puts her heart into her teaching appreciating each child as an individual. Education is a very high priority to her and she aims to guide each child with love and compassion to their upmost potential.

Peaceful Parenting Course

Peaceful Parenting is a six-week course to any and all wanting a deeper and richer relationship with their child. Classes are outlined using the Redirecting Children's Behavior course alongside my 23 years of experience with children and families as a certified Montessori teacher. My passion is to help parents understand their children, create lasting bonds and peaceful households. If we can raise our children to feel calm, safe, secure, and loved they will be better equipped to mature into successful and happy adults. In turn, these leaders of tomorrow can bring more peace into the community, their own families, and our whole planet.

Overview of Topics: • paradigm shifts • factors that influence personality in children • self-care • the difference between encouragement and praise • messages we give children • autocratic vs. authoritative or passive approaches • asking for what you want • mistaken goals of misbehavior • how to diagnose the goal of the child • redirecting misbehavior • handling feelings • communication skills • resolving conflict • family meetings • partner communication

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Riverwood Montessori offers individual tutoring outside of regular school hours - evenings and weekends. Either on-site in-person or online, Ms. Stephanie can help with a variety of academic areas. Call or text today and see how your child can benefit.



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